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MY PLAN: to spread awareness and raise money for MY VISION: to empower, educate and employ girls who've been rescued from child prostitution in Nicaragua. MY MISSION: to buy land and establish a self sufficient community of treehouses on the south west coast. MY GOALS: Staff and Operate a Surf Hotel, Develop a School for English, Provide Basic Medical Aid, and Offer training in the arts, trades and sustainable agriculture.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You know you are home when you smell FISH>>>>

In Bali 5 foot is an average height and yet their bunk beds are 8 feet tall. And they are placed so close together that you more than just rub booty with your roomy. There are more motor scooters than cars and the lines on the road are simply disregarded. Rice, some sort of deep fried meat with bone still in tact, and a slightly over cooked garlicy unrecognizable vegetable is a basic description of lunch and dinner time here in Indonesia. We had running water for about two hours after we arrived and then some how it disappeared for the rest of the day. It returned later in the week but never got warm. Another funny thing about this country is there is not enough power for the whole island so at random they turn sections of the grid off for a few hours on a very odd semi regularly rotating schedule. So don't count on the power or the water. BUT I can still sit in my top bunk and use wireless internet.... God is good.

To explain what were are actually doing is slightly complicated. We have learned that when you invite God into everyday and ask him what he wants to do with it. You NEVER know what you are going to get.

We went to a place called dream land. I believe the picture explains why. We ordered non alcoholic drinks. I got a banana strawberry smoothie. I was feeling the classic moment. We spend a few hours swimming in the pool above the beach, worshiping God, sipping our drinks, and praying for all of the tourist that have walked through that place and every one from now on.

On a different day we went to a prison and sat on wet tile floor and spoke to a man on death row for trafficking heroin who does not believe that God will forgive him. He is from Australia and only has one appeal left or he dies in one month. I was lost for words. I just challenged him to read God's word and see what he says about forgiveness. The rest is up to God. That moment helped me realize that evangelism is not about convincing someone of the logic of my religion. It is about introducing them in the simplest way possible to my God that loves them enough to forgive them.

It is funny how even when we don't know how to step forward time keeps pushing you. It is kind of like a moving walk way. Wether you know where you are going or what to do next, time is always teaching you something. When you see the destination the pace picks up a bit.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chasing the wind is a heavy calling.

I like that we have things called hours, days, weeks, and years. Every single one is an opportunity for a new beginning. Every time the sun comes up we can do things the way we wanted to yesterday. Life is full of failed goals and forgotten ideas. But every time a year clicks by the whole world notices that there are things they would like to change. This week I have seen a few very key very exciting things that I would like incorporate into the sunrises to come.

I am starting to see the wisdom in waking up first. This week I have tried something new. I start my days at seven with a jog, a stretch, a rinse and a piece of fruit. By the time that is finished it is time to meet as a team. We do things like pray, sing, talk, or read. It is a time to give the day to God and ask what he wants to do with it. The God I love is the one that made what you stand on. He loves variety. If you give today to him, it will never look the same as the last one. Don't trust me, try it. Here is an example of how following God's idea for the day turns into an adventure.

On the last day of 2009 God said, "Go ride the bus. Don't have a destination just pray for my treasure to sit next to you." So we did. Teresa Wilma and Hannah obediently walked to the closest bus stop. We bought a ticket that lasted for three hours of unlimited bus travel. We all sat separately and prayed. The people just came. The first man I talked to was 65 and on his way home to drink six beers and watch a movie. I got him talking about how he would never watch the Passion of the Christ (me either) and then he started telling me about all these books he reads on religion and I just suggested the Case for Christ. The next man I noticed was to far away but I felt like I needed to cast the spirits out of his dreads and pray for his night mares. That man slept well for the first time in years that night I am sure of it. Then Paco was 45 and from Italy. He has read the Bible in English, French and Italian so that he can flight people like me. He believes that Mary and Joseph had sex so Jesus was just a smart guy and God is an alien who uses wind and fire to camouflage his UFO. I just asked him to read Matthew 1:18, where it says Mary was a virgin, in every language he knew. Then there was a forty five minute bus ride when it was only us and a man named Joshua that Teresa was talking to. (He showed up at church today!) And on our last bus ride home I talked to a catholic lady who thinks that you have to talk to Mary and she will talk to Jesus for you. When I told her that I can talk to Jesus and he actually replies she just laughed at me until she got off the bus.

I learned that if you believe in Jesus and all that he was and is there should be no difference between a missions trip and your life. There should be no awkward few songs at the beginning of church where you to get into worship. You should live worship. You should be missions. Just ride the bus for an hour a week. It is actually quit fun!

PS: In two days I will be in BALI INDONESIA!