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MY PLAN: to spread awareness and raise money for MY VISION: to empower, educate and employ girls who've been rescued from child prostitution in Nicaragua. MY MISSION: to buy land and establish a self sufficient community of treehouses on the south west coast. MY GOALS: Staff and Operate a Surf Hotel, Develop a School for English, Provide Basic Medical Aid, and Offer training in the arts, trades and sustainable agriculture.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Custom Set: SOLD

15$ each

Recycled walets: 5$
PS: I make my friends drink all of them

My hand typed business cards, credit to Artist Matt Radwan for typing.
The are all typed on old Christmas cards from years past.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday's Creative Arts And Cooking Class

My sister Mary Grace Debow is the One Tree Of Life's Organizational director and design coordinator. The secret of my payroll at the moment is: I trade my time for her expertise. I have been teaching a Creative Arts and Cooking class to LEVITY, BELLA, and MUSIC Debow every Thursday.

-Have our weekly charity meetings
-Work on my skills as a teacher
-Spend quality time with my nieces
-Give my sister one minute to breathe without them
-And to bring creative air with me where ever I go

These are some photo highlights of the past few months with the kids.

Chocolate Chip Muffin Quiz & Ingredients

She got an A+


Planning our headbands


^^ Levity in action ^^


Tomorrow we are going to learn how to make Potato Soup and our art hour will be spent writing and illustrating each child's personal mini story book.

Stay Tuned!