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MY PLAN: to spread awareness and raise money for MY VISION: to empower, educate and employ girls who've been rescued from child prostitution in Nicaragua. MY MISSION: to buy land and establish a self sufficient community of treehouses on the south west coast. MY GOALS: Staff and Operate a Surf Hotel, Develop a School for English, Provide Basic Medical Aid, and Offer training in the arts, trades and sustainable agriculture.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer calls for a bit of traveling

Right before I left on this adventure
Madeline & I had a back yards sale on the 4th of July!
+60 MORE $$$$

I plan to keep this updated with the treasures I meet along the way...

to see a very precious friend named Alexander

for Matthew and to experience the area I am feeling called to for 2012.

To finish my Teaching English as a Second Language Certification

Here I plan to enjoy buckets of FAMILY!

To Baptize my Soul Sister Madeline!

And back home by August 20th for my second semester of College

This place is unreal please visit me I am have been so blessed!