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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Sunday spoon fed gospel

I have gone to a Sunday service religiously my whole life, even when I threw out my belief in God for a year. For some reason I still found a church to attend. I would sit in the back and take the hour to "recenter." I would journal about any high or low points of my week and make my grocery list for the following week. I would participate in the singing because I enjoyed it. Strangely enough I never stopped worshiping God. To this day this fact baffles me. 

Still no Jesus, no authentic community, no love. 
I could walk in and out without saying a word to any one. 

After my full on, diving in, encounter with Jesus I was drawn to Sunday service for different reasons, I listened and I truly loved it. I found Jesus and real community because I dug in HARD to get it. 

About a month ago God released  me from the building, from the obligation to the ritualistic Sunday sabbath. I no longer had to demand my Sundays off from work for religious reasons. I could lay down religion, dogma and ritual and walk away. I Expected to be relieved. I was grieved, I missed the old way, the old wine, my comfortable spoon fed meal of gospel once a week. I didn't know what to do.

The bible verse "do not abandon the gathering of believers"  kept ringing in my ears.I obeyed, I continued the intentional conversation.

I found myself in a group of believers who are all of one mind. We all see the problems in the "church" of today. But we are sick of talking about it and have all in the same season realized we want to try to do it the way we all wish it was done. Without division, strife or exclusion of other churches, but with a consciousness that the one we follow is Jesus and we are fellow soldiers in the same army. This is an ambitious experiment to take on with a group of sinners, rejects, failures, and fools. But why not try? Why not step outside of the boxes we built and ask the question, God what do you want? And be willing to hear an answer we have never heard before, an answer that has never been done, or an answer we don't know how to do that may require self sacrifice and full surrender. 

Sounds terrifying, powerful, and inspiring.  

Get community, get healthy, & Take it to the streets

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